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Update commissions!


I added to the commissions list the Animal Crossing style!
• 10 coffees: character (mayor or villager);
• 7 coffees: realistic background;
• 3 coffees: stylised background.

See the page about commissions for more info!



Finally I edit my commissions page with all the examples and the info!


This is the “ko-fi price list” (but you can ask me precisely the price, this is just for an idea)
• 1 coffee: simple calligraphic work (like names or little quotes that you will choose);
• 3 coffees: a bust sketch;
• 5 coffees: one twitch emote
• 5 coffees*: digital illustration;
• 6 coffees: #toonme illustration of yourself;
• 7 coffees*: watercolour illustration.
• 10 coffees: portrait in Animal Crossing style

*start to that number for a close-up and increase depends of the complexity and the type of the illustration, ask me for more.


  • For info about the cost, write me an email at .
  • No NSFW stuff. No mecha. No backgrounds (except simple things like monochrome, texture or similar)
  • About Watercolour commissions, I will send the original work just in Italy. For the foreign, I will scan the illustration and I’ll send the file by email.
  • For the payment I use Paypal with the method “send to friends abroad”. After we according for the commission, I’ll made the sketch and after the approval you need to pay me before I proceed with the complete illustration. I can change just few small details for free, but for big edits, I will add an additional cost.
  • For more details, send me an email at with “commission” as object of the email and write the stuff you want me to draw!



I finally edit my website with a modern restyle!
I’m gonna post some works and stuff here, but I usually use my social for news, so check the links in the menu to stay update!